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Why Uttar Pradesh?

Uttar Pradesh (UP) is India's most populous state, as well as the world's most populous sub-national entity. It is the second largest state economy in India. The state is not amongst the leading players in terms of Poultry Production, but with such a large population it consumes around 13% of the total poultry meat of the country. The per capita per annum production of broiler meat in UP is estimated at 100 gm whereas per capita consumption is about 300 gm poultry meat. Similarly, egg production is 20 million per day while consumption is 30 million per day. To meet this gap the broilers & eggs are imported from the neighboring states. This offers a tremendous opportunity for further integration and growth in the industry. Though, the modern poultry production has remained largely limited to Southern & Western India, the states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab have seen increased adoption of poultry farming as an alternative source of income for largely agrarian economy.

Vehement support by the state government to the poultry sector of Uttar Pradesh (UP) through its Poultry Development Policy has clearly moved UP towards self-sufficiency in the poultry meat and eggs. Through this scheme hundreds of layer and broiler farm of 30,000 and 10,000 birds have already been established. UP is the largest consumer of eggs and chicken meat in India as it consumes 1.7 billion eggs and around half million tonnes of poultry meat annually.

Further with industry moving from fragmented structure to large scale integrators, commercial poultry farming is growing strongly across UP. This is expected to provide further production efficiency and scale to the industry. The profitability for the key players in the industry has been healthy and is expected to remain comfortable over short to medium term though increasing feed prices are putting some pressure on margins. All these factors combined present a rosy picture for investments in the Poultry sector of Uttar Pradesh.

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